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Hello there Flex Bites Fam!

My name is Lexie Lee, and i'm the creator and founder of Flex Bites, a vegan snack company made to curve your sweet tooth with flexibility! Prefer a healthy snack? Try our Guilt-Free Protein Balls, or maybe you're in the mood for something more on the sinful side... we got you- with our Dough-licious Edible Cookie Dough!

The number one question I get asked, being the owner of Flex Bites and all is...  What made you start Flex Bites? 

I wish I had a straight the the point, simple answer that I could just whip out of my pocket but the truth is, my journey with Flex Bites has been anything but a clear path.

There are two things that I love more than anything in this life and that is 1) Creating Food and 2) Writing (Not that writing has anything to do with my story, just a fun fact for ya!)

Before the birth of Flex Bites I became a Certified Personal Trainer at 18, it was my part-time job while going to school for journalism. At age 20 I landed another part-time job as a personal chef. I would go to people's houses and cook several different dishes for the week for my clients- I enjoyed doing that so much. My part-time personal chef job led to me getting inquiries from my fellow crossfit friends about doing some meal prep services. One client, led to another and so on. Next thing I knew I was making hundreds of meals out of my moms kitchen every weekend. Then one day, I had some down time, I was doing what I loved most and that was creating in the kitchen. I made a batch of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Balls, for me the fun part is creating and then I used to just give it away. I threw a couple of these protein bites in each one of my customers meal prep bags. The rest is history, my meal prep customers came back with orders for more protein balls, along with orders from their co-workers, friends and family because they loved them that much as well. I then started making protein balls and selling them, just as a hobby and without ever intending to start a business, the root of Flex Bites was born in October 2014.


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