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More About Flex Bites & Dough-licious


All our products are hand-made, fresh weekly at the Healthy Food Factory Vegan Commissary Kitchen here in Boca Raton, FL.  We have the perfect healthy snack option for you- Flex Bites protein balls and the perfect sweet treat for you- Dough-licious edible cookie dough. A lot of our regulars like to keep the protein balls handy as a staple in their house as a healthy snack (Kids love the protein balls too!) and when ready to indulge in something a little more on the sinful, our edible cookie dough is the way to go! We ship nationwide and offer local pick-ups and deliveries. 

Follow us on social media (below) to stay up to date with different events and markets we will be at and subscribe to our emailing list to stay up to date on new or seasonal flavors and to receive coupons as well. If you have any questions you can send us a message through the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! :) 







- Made With Love 

Meet Lexie, Creator/Owner


Who doesn't like a good ol' story on how an entrepreneur got started with their business? Some things come naturally to people, one of those things for me is being in the kitchen, however, my true passion and what I enjoy most about it is creating sweet treats. Add into the equation that i'm very much into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle yet have the biggest sweet tooth...and we have some delicious, moist, full of flavor, nutrient dense protein balls.


Without ever intending to start a business, the root of Flex Bites was born in October 2014 when one day I brought some extra peanut butter protein bites from a batch I made at home into the local gym I trained at for people to try.  People tried my balls and fell in love with them, followed by asking if they could start buying some from me. Making protein bites in my own kitchen followed by selling them to people from my gym and friends became a hobby while going to school. Between word of mouth and people putting in orders left and right, I decided to give the business path a shot. Flex Bites became an actual business in the beginning of 2015.

You may be wondering, what about the Dough-licious Edible Cookie Dough? For the first 3 years Flex Bites only offered protein balls, in 2017 I started to see Edible Cookie Dough become more popular but mostly every single brand at the time contained either dairy or eggs in it. Being vegan myself and a fat kid at heart, I decided to make my own egg-free and dairy-free version of Edible Cookie Dough that you can eat raw or bake with a variety of original and creative flavors that you can’t find at the store.

Something about people tasting and loving what I make brings me so much joy. I’m grateful for every single one of my customers and that I can share these treats with you. If you’re new to trying my products there’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t enjoy every single bite, always made with love!